LEGO EDUCATION Workshop is designed based on LEGO EDUCATION Afterschool Program (LEAS) with a touch of seasonal spirit to bring joy to students during Holiday. Leading by a group of certificated LEAS Teachers, children will be facilitated and stimulate to build toward the topic of the day. Children will work on team and camp projects. Building individual structures along with working as a group and building some mightily impressive large structures. LEGO EDUCATION Workshop is a unique experience for children to learn through hands-on and exploratory play.




XDC LEGO World Age 3-4     
In the LEGO World workshop, children get to build the world around them in a way they understand it. By using LEGO Education DUPLO Bricks, children will be able to express their emotions, understanding and to interact with others. The three topics we have this year are Gingerbread House, Christmas Tree and Presents and Christmas Ski Trip.
  • Gingerbread House

Santa is helping Gingerbread Man to build his house. What is it going to look like?

  • Christmas Tree and Presents

It's almost Christmas! Time to help mommy and daddy to decorate the Christmas Tree. What are we going to put in there?

  • Christmas Ski Trip

Santa and his friends are going to ski at the snowy mountain. Are you ready to join them?


XDC LEGO Adventure Age 5-6   
In the LEGO Adventure workshop, children get to learn about Simple Machines, and how they are being used in everyday’s life. From levers to wheels and axles, children will be given an opportunity to use LEGO Education Early Simple Machines Set and LEGO System Bricks to create their own invention. The three topics we have this year are My Christmas Present, Santa’s Factory and Toy Train.
  • My Christmas Present

Christmas is the time of giving. What would you like to give to a friend?

  • Santa’s Factory

Be Santa's little helper and build toys for everyone!

  • Toy Train

Choo-Choo!! Santa's train is loaded and it's on the way to the city.


XDC LEGO Adventure Age 7-8   
In the LEGO Inventor workshop, children will get to learn how to motorize their LEGO model by attaching a motor and sensors, and program their model to move it the way they want. With the use of LEGO Education WeDo Set, children will be able to bring their creations to life, The three topics we have this year are Freestyle Skiing Tricks, Magic Hat and Crocodile Attack.
  • Freestyle Skiing Tricks

Show us your moves and challenge the ramp. Jump up high and score a lot of points.

  • Magic Hat

Aabra Ka Daabra!!! Practice your magic tricks and surprise your friends.

  • Crocodile Attack

What is behind the rocks?? Watch out! It's a crocodile!


XDC LEGO Robotics Age 9-10   
In the LEGO Robotics workshop, children will be able to learn how to use motors, sensors and programs to create their robots or machines. With the use of LEGO Education Mindstorms EV3 set, children will build their robot from the ground up. This year the topics are The “WALKER”, Georgina the Gorilla and Deep Sea Fishing.
  • The “WALKER”

Design a walking robot with 4 legs. Challenge your friends to  a walking race!

  • Georgina the Gorilla

Oooeehh Ooeehh Aaahh Aahhh~~!! Watch out! Here comes King Kong!

  • Deep Sea Fishing

Want to challenge your friends to a fishing game? Build your own fishing rod and catch the biggest fish!