Easter 2018
Easter 2018

LEGO® Education Workshop is designed based on LEGO Education Afterschool Program (LEAS) with a touch of seasonal spirit to bring joy to students during Holiday. Leading by a group of certificated LEAS Teachers, children will be facilitated and stimulate to build toward the topic of the day. Children will work on team and camp projects. Building individual structures along with working as a group and building some mightily impressive large structures. LEGO Education Workshop is a unique experience for children to learn through hands-on and exploratory play.enrollnow-btn



Easter 2018

LEGO World Age 3-4     
In the LEGO World workshop, children get to build the world around them in a way they understand it. By using LEGO Education DUPLO Bricks, children will be able to express their emotions, understanding and to interact with others. The three topics we have this year are Choo Choo Train, Easter Party House and Hide and Seek.
  • Choo Choo Train

Gear up and get on the Train. Go around the places and find the eggs

  • Easter Party House

Could the eggs be hiding inside the house. Lets go find it out!

  • Hide and Seek

Where else could the eggs be hidden? Design your own landscape and structure.

Easter 2018

LEGO Adventure Age 5-6   
In the LEGO Adventure workshop, children get to learn about Simple Machines, and how they are being used in everyday’s life. From levers to wheels and axles, children will be given an opportunity to use LEGO Education Early Simple Machines Set and LEGO System Bricks to create their own invention. The three topics we have this year are Easter Egg Hunting, Treasure Box and Amusement Park.
  • Easter Egg Hunting

It is time for Egg Hunting! Where did Easter Bunny hide the eggs?

  • Treasure Box

Oh no, Captain Hook is trying to take away the Easter Eggs! Lets hide it in a Treasure Box

  • Amusement Park

Thirsty for some thrilling rides? Gear up your Ferris Wheel and spin as fast as you can!

Easter 2018

LEGO Inventor Age 7-8   
In the LEGO Robotics workshop, children will be able to learn how to use motors, sensors and programs to create their robots or machines. With the use of LEGO Education Mindstorms EV3 set, children will build their robot from the ground up. This year the topics are The Easter Egg Sorter, Flying Creature and The Racer.
  • Jack in the Box

Easter is full of surprises! Let's create your own Jack in the box and play with your friends.

  • Smart Bin

Want to help your parents on household chores? Design your own smart bin to clean up garbage!

  • Molly the Fish

Molly is lost!! Guide Molly back home by designing your own programs with a motion sensor.

Easter 2018

LEGO Robotics Age 9-10   
Children learn to create simple computer programs that control the behaviorof robots using LEGO®MINDSTORMS® software and Technic sets. Throughout playful topics, children are given opportunities to turn their creative ideas into a programmable model.
  • The Easter Egg Sorter

Got too much chocolate eggs this year? Come and design a sorter to sort them into different sizes.

  • Flying Creature

Watch out! Here comes a flying monster. What do you think it looks like? Come and find out.

  • The Racer

Gear up? Gear down? Which one is going to win you the race?